Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My girls wanted to have a slumber party and they had been bugging us for about a month.  We finally caved and set them up in their sleeping bags together in Jillian's room over the weekend/

At about 11:30pm, we heard knocking on the door and our oldest said she was done with the slumber party and was ready to go back to her room.

Well, we thought that didn't last long!  And, we haven't another peep about doing a slumber party again.  At least they looked SOOOO cute snuggled up in their little sleeping bags!

My sweet little girls, I love them so much and I pray that they grow up to be best friends!


  1. LOL! Too cute! My two youngest are always trying to sleep in the same room too, but we never let them because they stay up and talk and play and then end up arguing over something silly until 1am.

  2. Denise, we had tried letting them share a room over the summer. They just argued... :)