Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cowl - First Crochet Project...

So, day by day & bit by bit I have been working on this cowl neck scarf.  I told Josh last night at the rate I am going when I finish it will be springtime and I won't need it.

About two nights ago, I started wondering what I could make instead of this cowl with this piece I have already completed.  I do that with my cooking sometimes; I begin to make one dish and realize that I don't have the proper ingredients and change it into something else.  Since I have been cooking since the tender age of 8, I can usually do that with success.  So, I look at this piece and wonder what in the world else I could make it into.

Some thoughts I have had:
*a little poncho for our American Girl doll - Kit... but I don't want my first project to be for the doll.
*a hot pad... but I don't want to use such a great yarn for a hot pad.
*hmm... an iPod case?  Stitch the sides together?

Well for now I will keep on crocheting and hope that eventually these tight little stitches and knots turn into something useful.

(why didn't I make a potholder???)


  1. stick with the scarf - you will be so happy to pull it out in the fall!

  2. Pam, this is when I need a like button on blogger for your comment! :)

  3. keep going, it will be so cute. sometimes when i knit it takes me a year to finish it!!!! ha! but the winter season eventually comes back around and then you will be so glad you kept going!