Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Model Magic Lacing Beads

Cold snowy day with my little birds!  My girls of course wanted to play outside in the snow, but since it was just a dusting we had to come up with an inside project.  I was messing around with my yarn and my oldest was telling me how she could knit some necklaces for her sister.  Her {cute} idea of knitting was to tie it into a know and let Jillian wear it.

The teacher in me thought, if we could make some beads it would be a perfect activity for their little fingers.  Making the beads strengthens little muscles and lacing is a great preschool/kindergarten activity.  So off we went.

First we pulled out some model magic I had left over from an old project.  Our Model Magic was a little dry and spongy...  
Break off a small piece and roll into a ball with your hands.  This was a great activity for my 5 year old!  I would even do this with a group of kids in my class!

Then take a plastic needle, I suppose even a paperclip stretched out (or anything skinny) would work.  And puncture through the ball you rolled.  Then wiggle the needle around in the hole to create the perfect size for your lacing.  The smaller the child, the larger the hole I would suggest. 

The examples to the left show varying sizes.  If you are using a plastic needle your older child can help with this step also.  My 2 1/2 year old had lost interest in the project by this point.  But, she loved getting to bead them when they dried.  Lay the beads out to dry for 24 hours.  And, we used pipe cleaners for lacing.  It makes a great tactile activity!  Enjoy!

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