Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First ACTUAL Crochet Project

I got advice (from where I don't remember) that when learning how to knit or crochet, to make something that you would actually like and use.  It can help to keep you motivated and excited about your project.  So, when I was looking through the Lion catalog, I decided that I would make this cowl.  It said it was for a beginner and I figured it would suit me.

I picked out this great cozy, fluffy brown yarn.  If it is going to be close to my face, I want to love it.

I started working on it the other day and I basically have been crocheting until my wrist begin to hurt (carpel tunnel post baby).  Here is how much I have done...  2 rows.

I am really looking forward to completing it.  Confession:  I am having a hard time reading the crochet directions and since this is a simple piece; the directions are simple too.  Yet, that doesn't stop my confusion.  I think this is why I usually don't like to read directions.