Monday, January 2, 2012

Crochet, Step One...

This is my feeble attempt at a chain stitch...  I guess my first project should be more like accomplishing what the picture in my lesson book looks like.  It doesn't.  My grandma,  graciously made examples for me, so I also had those to compare...  Yep, mine looks nothing like hers. 

So, with a pile of laundry (read: LARGE pile) I kept going even though I knew I should either be sleeping or folding.  But, despite my frustration I am going to keep trying it.  I did get out some knitting and started a very basic knit - probably just to make myself feel better about me...  :)

But, on the cute side... thought I would share a picture of my darling Drew :)  12 weeks old today!  Time has gone so so very fast!

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