Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painted Rooms

I have been wanting to paint our sunroom and kitchen for quite awhile.  So, before Christmas Josh asked me what I wanted as a gift.  I suggested having him paint these two rooms for me and he told me to go ahead and pick out the paints.  My dear husband spent half of the week off painting these two rooms for me.

This is our sunroom:

And our kitchen is this light tan color.  They compliment each other well.  And, we don't have much wall space - so not much to be able to see. 

I love the new painted rooms, thank you Josh!


  1. great! Can't wait to see the colors in person.

  2. Very pretty. I'm actually hoping to paint our kitchen and breakfast room a similar shade of yellow also. Right now our house is still all neutrals (we moved in Oct. of 2010), and I'm getting awfully bored of it.

  3. Looks great! I love the yellow.

  4. Denise - we moved in June of 2009... so it was time :) I like the yellow a lot - esp. in the winter, it makes things cheery!