Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sick children...

Two weeks ago, my second daughter got sick.  What I thought would be this quick little cold from her turned into a miserable mess!  We had sick children for 9 days straight and one week later, my oldest sill has a runny nose. 

This is our summary:
Kaleigha: fever for 6 days, higest temp 103, possible pre-pnemonia & ear infection.
Jillian: double ear infection, one ruptured ear drum, fever & cough.
Drew: Bronchilitis, fever of 102.7, ear infection, cough & pitiful feeling.
6 doctors appointments, 1 urgent care visit and one visit to draw Drew's blood at Children's hosp.
We missed four days of work, three days of preschool missed and paid $200 in co-pays & $150 for childcare we didn't use.

It stunk.  But, my children are alright and healing up nice and healthy.  In the midst of this I learned of a friend from high school whose 8 year old daughter is battling cancer for the second time, with a grim prognosis.  Perspective, hmm.

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