Monday, February 20, 2012

Funny Things said by my Two Year Old:

I was teasing Jillian and tickling her and I said, "I'm going to nibble on your nose."
Jillian said, "Don't eat me, I am not your lunch."

About a week ago, she was whining (shocking that a 2 yo would whine!)  Josh started talking in a whiny voice back to her and she pointed her finger at him and said, "you no whine like me!"

I was getting her up from her nap with her little pony tail all cute and I said, "You're my little ice cream Sundae."  She said, "No, I'm not your ice cream Sundae.  I'm...  I'm...  I'm your little cupcake with sprinkles on top."  Oh my word - Love Her!!

Josh opened up a bottle of his favorite wing sauce and said, "yum."  Jillian yelled out:  "Drink it Daddy!"  Wouldn't that be interesting!

As, I am typing this she is repeating in a very calm voice, "that's enough, Mommy."   Sighing in between sentences.

I love my little Jilly.  She's got the most kissable little checks and a great personality.

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