Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eventually they "get it"

I just looked in on my sleeping little 2 year old and there she is laying in her big girl bed completely asleep. When we first got that bed, she wasn't used to this new freedom that came with this new bed... and she would try to escape time after time.

Oh, the drama with that dumb bed. She would get out, we would put her back in. She would cry, I would shut the door and cry. She would get out, I would get frustrated. I would put her back in, she would get frustrated.

It was a dance, that has finally ended. About a month ago, she was getting out again and falling asleep on the carpet. She told me after the second morning that she didn't like sleeping on the carpet. Her bed was more comfy. So, now she sleeps where she is supposed to... the bed. I wonder if God looks down at us sometimes after correcting us time and again. Then one day he lets us out of the comfortable bed and it stinks - but then - eventually we "get it" and a lesson is learned.


  1. Reminds me of Dean, he sometimes sneaks out of his room into the hallway and we'll find him passed out on the floor. Jimmy almost stepped on him once! They're so funny at this age!

  2. Jackson's been choosing to sleep on the floor lately. He goes to his room, takes his pillow off the bed and pulls his quilt around him. He tells me "I like to sleep on the floor". And when he does this, he is usually still on the floor at night when I go to bed, but has found his way into his bed by morning. Yes, I think eventually they get it! It's funny.