Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Balance Beam

Last night was her first gymnasics class. As she hopped from activity to activity, I wondered how can my first baby be almost three? Three short years ago, I was pregnant and waiting for the unknown... our own child. Then she was born and we held her so much and were excited for the day when she would be able to swing, do somersaults, walk on a balance beam and go down the slide like big kids.

Last night she wanted me to hold her hand on the balance beam, but how much longer will she need me to hold her hand. Her sweet little hand that is no longer a baby hand but the hand of a child. So many things she can do by herself now. I know that her needs from her mommy will continue to change, and diminish.

Is it crazy to say, if I could just hold her as a baby again... I would.

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  1. that's not crazy ... I think that way about my girls all of the time. You know, they do still need us! Just today, Anna hurt her hand and didn't want anyone else to hold her but me.
    I'm so glad you're taking her to gymnastics. Anna loves it.