Friday, December 21, 2012

Catch-up Post Drew turns one!

Drew turned one on October 10th.  I had a hard time with that one, as we plan on him being our last.  It's just so weird to think that we are moving out of the baby stage :(  We love our little Drew so much.  When he turned a year, he wasn't walking like his big sister Jillian was at a year.  In fact, he is now 14 months old and he still isn't walking!

He says some words:  more, hi, bye, thankyou (one word and hard to understand), mama, hida (hi Dad), Max, Snowball (the babysitter's dogs), Kaleigha (which he shouts and it sounds like k-yeah), Jill-Jill.

He still doesn't have much hair.  But, he has this soft little fuzz on his head.

He is so sweet and he loves to snuggle with us.  He is so very affectionate.

Drew loves ice cream and doesn't like drinking his milk cold (kind of a contradiction there... ha ha!)

His eyes are still a really dark color and when ever we are out, people always comment on how cute he is.  He has a super sweet dimple in his cheek that hasn't gone away.

For his birthday, we did a Vintage Circus Theme

My sweet little boy showing off his dimple :)

Ahhh, I just LOVE him so very much!!  We are so thankful that God has blessed us with his sweet little soul!