Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drew... over due.

Our first son, Andrew "Drew" was born in October. He was a week late and I am two months late updating this to my blog... Oh well.

I adore little Drew. He is so sweet and I just can't get enough of him. He sleeps through the night and started that around 7 weeks, which was good - since I went back to work at 8 weeks. I am really having a hard time being back at work - and I only work part time. It is just pretty crazy with me being at work right now. But, that is another post :) We all love Drew and are so happy he was added into our lives! I have such a feeling of having our family complete and I truly am filled with so much joy just thinking how God has blessed me/us so very much.

We love you Drew!
(And, yes I do have some pictures of him all alone... but they are still on the camera and it was such a pain to get these pictures to load on here...)

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