Monday, August 23, 2010

As I get ready for this new school year, I am reading about how God keeps His promises... even when it doesn't seem like it will work out - He does it. I am praying that this year I can be kind and loving and patient with the students in my classroom. I know that I can teach them what they need to learn to move onto first grade, but my hope is that I can do it with loving-kindness.

Yesterday, I really had to pray several times as I found out that I am going to be teaching a child with down syndrome. That scares me, because I don't know what to do. I have taught my fair share of behavior problems, ADHD students & emotionally disturbed kids. I kind of have it figured out... and then I get thrown a curve ball that I wasn't expecting. Yesterday when I started getting anxious like I normally would, I had to stop for a minute and remind myself that God put each of these kids in my classroom. He is in control of this situation and I am not. Isn't it in situations where we feel we don't have it figured out that we need to rely on the Lord.
So, I am praying and trusting God instead of believing in myself.

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