Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So, we went to this parenting conference this weekend and the speaker was Paul Tripp. There was this question he said to say to your kids when they are being bossy/acting like they are in control. So, I had this conversation with Kaleigha...

Me: When you act like that you are acting like you are the mommy of mommy and if you were the mommy of mommy, then you would have no mommy...
Kaleigha: (blank stare)

Me: Who would take care of you if you had no mommy?
Kaleigha: God. God would take care of me.

How to respond to that? :)

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  1. kids say the greatest things. A few weeks ago Anna actually asked me , "what would happen to me if you and Daddy and Payton died and went to heaven without me." Anyway, use that response as an avenue to talk about God's care for us and his wise plan to put Mommy in charge of Kaleigha.