Thursday, January 21, 2010

My little Jillian

This post is obviously about my sweet little Jillian, who is now 8 months old! (Special props to my friend, Shawna who watches my girls while I am at school - she took these first 2 pictures of Jillian)

So, my little Jilly-bean has likely been affected by the mold growth in our house. She has been heavily congested and has been taken to the Ped. 3 times and an Allergist once. Now, we have to go to get an x-ray for her and get blood work taken to determine why she has been having such bad reactions. It makes me so sad to see my little baby in pain! This is what she looks like in the morning - with her little face all puffy :(

Here are some other pictures to show off her cuteness though :)
Jillian and big sister Kaleigha taking their allergy medicine in their milk. Kaleigha was "helping."
Jillian has been a pro at eating solid food, here she is in the bumbo getting ready to take care of some carrots!

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  1. That scares me Christy - stay on it. There are eight babies in our wing right now and a few of them are jill's age. i got your message, you guys are so fun. next week would be great, maybe on thurs? you should pick the place and surprise me and my friend jenni can give you ideas of places in vienna, she is on facebook - mothes is the last name. she was in my wedding with you. love you.