Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Christmas Activities...

We got ready to go to Niederman Farm - it was SOOOO cold the night we decided to go. Blame me, not Josh :) Kaleigha & Jilly-bean were all bundled up.

This is one of the scenes at the farm - a life-size nativity. The walk tells the story of Jesus and some other important events in the Bible. It was free and totally worth our time!

My two little "santa's"

Kaleigha was in a little "cherub" choir at church and this is her sitting in the pew after she was done singing. Actually, she didn't sing at all - she and her little buddies just kept trading standing places on the stage. Finally, she held hands with one of her little girl friends, who is older and actually stands still :)

These are the gifts she and I made for her teacher gifts. Inside the bow, we also tied our Christmas Card, which was a postcard type card this year.


  1. I'm glad to see a teacher who makes chocolate covered pretzels as teacher gifts. Makes me think that teachers might actually appreciate a gift like that. THat's what the kids and I made (they made it all, I just supervised and put them in the little baggies. It was fun and they were so proud to give them since they made them.

  2. Yes, I like sweet treats (a LoT)... and I think as a teacher, if the kid is involved in making something for me to use - I LOVE it!

    Thanks for being proud, Andrea :)