Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Three Year Old!

Pictures of Kaleigha and the coke bottle

I wanted to write a post as a tribute to my Kaleigha, my first born little child, as she just celebrated her 3rd birthday.
Things I love about Kaleigha:
* Her squeeky voice.
* Her cuddly-ness
* The way when she smiles, her eyes smile too
* Her kindness and protection (99% of the time) of her baby sister
* Her love of books and reading stories with us
* Fish kisses
* Her two spunky little pig tails
* Giggles
* and so much more
God has blessed us so much with the gift of her in our lives. What a wonderful present to be this little girl's mommy!

Rock-Star Kaleigha:

Happy 3rd Birthday!

New Baby Kaleigha, December of 2006!!


  1. What a sweet post! Love the coke bottle pics, totally appropriate for you! And that rockstar pic is priceless!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I'd like to see the 'coke' theme carried on into her teens & beyond. Very cute.