Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sleepover attempt...

The girls got to have a sleepover "party" in Jillian's room tonight.  Past experiences with these go like this:  Jillian is so excited she annoys Kaleigha into heading back into her room a couple of hours later.

Quiet for awhile, then we hear Jillian jumping around and she comes out, but we don't see Kaleigha...  until Jillian (for some odd reason) pulled Kaleigha's hair.  I go to talk to Jillian about this a few minutes later (after Kaleigha has headed back to her bedroom).  Here's our conversation:

Me:  Why are you crying?
J:  Because my sister left my sleepver party.
Me:  Well, it's because you pulled her hair.
J:  But, I care about Kaleigha.
Me:  Well, why did you pull her hair?
J:  {sobbing} I don't know.

As, I'm leaving I tell her to calm down and stop crying.
J says, "I can't.  All I can think about is Kaleigha." 

Andddddd.... she's still wailing up there.

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