Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Mini-Me.

My daughter is so my child! Kaleigha loves the things that I love and does many things very similar to me...

Today, I went shopping and bought some second hand clothes. Some of the clothes I bought to sell at a mom's sale, but most of them I bought for our girls.

Kaleigha couldn't wait to see what I bought. She went and got a snack and commented on every single item that I bought, while we ate our snacks together. Then, after I showed her what I was going to sell, she ran around the house and started grabbing toys. She made her own adorable little price tags that she attached. She is such a hoot!


  1. Christy - that really made me smile. It is classic you and really hilarious. My kids have gone the opposite way and gone crazy hiding and hoarding. I love these precious babies. And I want to eat the baby up...

  2. That is so cute, Christy. Anna is just like me.

  3. Andrea, that is so funny that your children hide things from you so you don't sell them! I miss you my friend!